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Wake On LAN 1.0

СообщениеДобавлено:01 сен 2010, 14:44

Script was written using Perl, table of devices created using the API functions Synology.

Version 1.0 от 1.09.2010 NEW

  • [+]Multi language support: Russian, English (using browser preference)
  • [+]functions to add and remove devices
  • [+]Magic packet sent by double-clicking in table




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Re: Wake On LAN 1.0

СообщениеДобавлено:12 сен 2010, 21:34
Hello Axl!

Very nice job you did here... I like it very much and I use it a lot!
... but it's not useable on my Android phone :( because it cannot pass double-click to the application (the browser interprets double-click as a zoom in/zoom out).
Would you mind adding a button to wake the selected computer from the list?


Re: Wake On LAN 1.0

СообщениеДобавлено:19 янв 2013, 02:50
Hi all

Just to let you know, I enhanced Axl's great tool to make it usable on touchscreens.
For more information, see www.ruinelli.ch/syno_wol

Re: Wake On LAN 1.0

СообщениеДобавлено:22 мар 2013, 12:46
Hi Axl,

Your tool is awesome - I have used it a lot and is simply one of the best additions to my Synology DS212J! :-)

However, after upgrading to DSM 4.2 it does not seem to work anymore; I simply get a blank screen and the list of PC(s) with the MAC addresses is empty so that I cannot click and wake up a PC (attached an image)

When I add the PC with the correct MAC address I get an error that the PC is already in the list so I am not sure what is wrong...

Would be great if you can get your tool to work on DSM 4.2 as well!! :-)